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Double Glazing Shovel Lifting Wedge:Carsblog

Xpert Published in September 22, 2018, 9:35 pm
 Double Glazing Shovel Lifting Wedge:Carsblog

Double Glazing Shovel Lifting Wedge:Carsblog

Price:£5.40+ Free shipping with Mytools Prime

Mr Crisp
Mr Crisp Reply to on 9 March 2018
This is one of those tools that you don't use often (unless you are a glazier) but when you need it, it's essential. There is no other feasible way of lifting a pane of glass without this when it's in the casement. Tempting as it might be to use a screwdriver or other similar implement, that's only going to end in a cracked pane.

If you're doing any window fitting, this is a must. It's really solidly built, not flimsy at all. The price belies the quality.
John Boardman
John Boardman Reply to on 29 May 2015
Excellent product, it does exactly as described, I would strongly recommend this product to anyone. The product arrived on time and was well packaged, no shipping problems experienced. I would definitely purchase this item again.
first-for-quality Reply to on 13 August 2018
Very good tool for UPVC window fitting,, for packing glass and for shimmying the frame. Well made and good value.
guitar*man Reply to on 28 February 2014
I have found this useful on flooring and jobs involving large glass surrounds. Haven't used it much yet so I don't know about the quality

Update - it has been useful over acouple of years and has lasted well
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 8 May 2018
Good product. Arrived promptly.
7 Reply to on 29 May 2016
Simple tool but amazingly useful when working with windows.
If I had not bought this I would have ended up making something very like it halfway through the job.
J. Holmes
J. Holmes Reply to on 17 May 2017
Once the gap was made this tool completed the removal task without fuss
Jon Loxton
Jon Loxton Reply to on 10 March 2018
great tool
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 13 February 2018
nice piece of kit
anthony Reply to on 16 November 2017
Handy tool,nicely made and arrived promptly
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