Carsblog Winthome Soft Microfiber Changing Towel With Hood,Terry Changing Rob for Men (Green):Carsblog
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Winthome Soft Microfiber Changing Towel With Hood,Terry Changing Rob for Men (Green):Carsblog

Winthome Published in September 22, 2018, 9:35 pm
 Winthome Soft Microfiber Changing Towel With Hood,Terry Changing Rob for Men (Green):Carsblog

Winthome Soft Microfiber Changing Towel With Hood,Terry Changing Rob for Men (Green):Carsblog

Price:£19.98+ Free shipping with Nativetribes Prime

MRS C A ALDERTON Reply to on 12 February 2018
I was nervous ordering this for myself as I’m a ‘big lass’ UK size 22/24. There is plenty of material and there’s plenty of space left. I slip it on after showering and before you know it you’re nice and dry ready to moisturise. It’s a good length just below my knee and I’m 5’5”
Its cosy and warm and washes well drying naturally outside. I haven’t tumble dried as I’m afraid it might shrink in size.
Very pleased with my purchase.
cm Reply to on 8 August 2017
Ok except
1. it picks up every piece of grass, straw and twigs which cannot be shaken off.
2. The pink is not colourfast.
3. It is very heavy and bulky

So I left it behind somewhere in Italy for another lucky person...
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 19 August 2018
Used it on holiday where I was getting wet multiple times a day. The trick was to have some wet and dry clothes. So after you go swimming you put on the poncho towel and dry and change in to your dry gear. Then pull the poncho towel off over your head by pulling it up from the bottom and turning it inside out. Then leave the poncho towel ( wet side out ) to dry in the sun with your wet gear. By the time you go swimming again it is dry on the outside and the inside has not even got wet yet. Repeat as often as you want. The poncho towel only need one side to dry you and the hood is extra big for drying your hair. Lovely and thick and absorbant. Should have bought one 20 years ago.
Twins R Us
Twins R Us Reply to on 24 July 2018
This is not roomy for my husband and he's 5'11" if he bends over he's definitely mooning people! So not impressed he also really struggled to get his arms in & out, it was a fight and although he has a slight tummy he has slim arms so shouldn't have had an issue. Once arms back inside he found it too restrictive to actual change wearing it, so useless for him, only not returning it as it will do for our kids, but certainly not for my husband. Dissappointed to say the least.
Mohamed Reply to on 9 August 2018
I bought this product to keep my modesty and dry off when getting changed on the beach. I am 180cm and a size 12-14. It fits brilliantly and is of really high quality (very thick and fluffy), which is especially pleasing seeing as it was half the price of a lot of other products. It comes down to my knees and there is tonnes of room under the arms for movement. Also, it arrived in a week (not the 2-3 weeks advertised), which I was really happy about. Recommended.
Emily Gilbert
Emily Gilbert Reply to on 10 July 2018
I was fed up trying to get changed on the beach in a towel (and so was my daughter) so I decided to invest in one of these. It has been brilliant! Plenty of room to change and keep your modesty plus very soft and warm when needed. A friend also borrowed this recently and was very impressed - and I think has since bought one. Has made the idea of changing on the beach a much easier and appealing prospect!
C. Inkpen
C. Inkpen Reply to on 23 October 2017
I'm a size 8-10 and this was huge on me which is what I wanted. Used for changing before and after surfing and friends were jealous of it.
Fabric is Terry towelling which washed really well and is still soft and fluffy. Really warm too so could be used to cover up and keep warm on chilly beach.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 29 April 2018
Very happy with the quality. I am 6 feet tall ( male) and it is plenty long enough for me.l have washed it at 30 degrees and tumble dried it and there was no noticeable shrinkage. Have just ordered another one for my wife
mandy Reply to on 5 June 2018
I’ve been wanting one of these towels for ages we do a lot of sea activities and this towel robe is great, for the price you get great quality, material is soft and has washed well. No more struggling to change on the beach for me.
Bluestones Reply to on 1 July 2018
I bought this for a big man who likes to swim in the Sea all year round and doesn't use a wet suit. I was nervous that it wasn't going to be big enough but it was great - covered all his bits and with enough room for manoeuvre!! Fabric was soft and seemed well made.
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