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Scorseses Reise durch den:Carsblog

Puma Published in October 15, 2018, 1:58 pm
 Scorseses Reise durch den:Carsblog

Scorseses Reise durch den:Carsblog

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Brawny Withed
Brawny Withed Reply to on 15 June 2013
I thought this DVD was a fascinating insight into the American films that director Martin Scorcese loves and considers a source of his inspiration and passion not including films. I watched this film in one sitting but it's probably more digestible to watch it in 2 or 3 parts as the subjects of focus do shift during the film.

I really enjoyed Scorsese's insights into what he loves about American Cinema and it has introduced me to some films I wasn't aware of and has made me want to rewatch some of the classics he discusses.

This is a must for anyone who loves Cinema and even if you don't like Martin Scorsese's films don't let this put you off as almost all Genres of films as discussed in this film.

If you like this you might want to watch these other excellent documentaries The Story of Film: An Odyssey [DVD]Mgm: When the Lion Roars [DVD] [2009] [US Import] and also Easy Riders, Raging Bulls [2003] [DVD]
Paul Barrett
Paul Barrett Reply to on 10 January 2018
Great filmaker even when his politics and religion sometimes get in the way. This is a master of his trade talking and showing what he loves about cinema. Hughly entertaining.
Peadar O'Kovsky
Peadar O'Kovsky Reply to on 13 June 2018
Interesting doc. But probably of most interest to film buffs / nerds. Or if you're genuinely studying film making / moving image.
DerbyRob Reply to on 7 February 2013
I love this film director so much. I hang off every word he says. If only the world of employment allowed us to meet people with the same energy, enthusiasm and lust for life. Creatively, a living genius. I think every teacher should be made to watch this to demonstrate how to show passion, zeal and subject knowledge. A craftsman, gentleman and artisan.
KM R. Reply to on 14 May 2018
ANXI HINTON Reply to on 1 January 2018
very good thanks
JohnJoe Reply to on 9 January 2011
Martin Scorsese takes us on an exhilarating, loving and informed journey through a century of American cinema, rich with excerpts from both relatively obscure to well-known films. He weaves the threads of his chosen themes into an integrated and satisfying whole, while also managing to whet the appetite for more.

As a regular cinemagoer who is well-informed though no expert, I thoroughly enjoyed every second of this journey,

Strongly recommended.
Zdenek Hanzlik
Zdenek Hanzlik Reply to on 15 March 2016
I like it and every adolescent and Fakedbook account holder should see this film
Mo. Reply to on 14 January 2013
my friend thought the dvd was fantastic, having been a projectionist during his many years employment, he is in his eighties and it brought back many memories of all the films he has seen and loved .
Vincenza P
Vincenza P Reply to on 7 February 2016
A long and captivating "chat" about those films which helped Martin Scorsese to love cinema and find his own creative way. A jewel for every film-buff, but also a really enjoyable documentary for everyone who has at leat a few favourite films in his heart
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