Carsblog Prym 5 mm Eyelets Plus Washers, Pack of 40:Carsblog
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Prym 5 mm Eyelets Plus Washers, Pack of 40:Carsblog

Prym Published in September 22, 2018, 9:34 pm
 Prym 5 mm Eyelets Plus Washers, Pack of 40:Carsblog

Prym 5 mm Eyelets Plus Washers, Pack of 40:Carsblog

Price:£5.35+ Free shipping with Seks-irani Prime

L. Hastings
L. Hastings Reply to on 28 July 2015
Works for me, the plastic clamp that holds the eyelet tools worked very well and the eyelets and washers did an excellent job. When opening the package I was a bit sceptical about the tools based on their appearance, in reality they worked very well indeed. The 8mm eyelets were used in 20mm webbing straps and as I already have a hole punch for making holes ready for eyelets. I only used the clamping tools which I found easy to use and worked flawlessly. The clamping tool though being plastic though I feel would not last a lifetime but the kit was not that expensive.
I would buy this kit again when required.
Jim, WSM
Jim, WSM Reply to on 15 November 2015
I used these to repair some boots which is not what they are designed for but I failed to find any made specifically for the task and I wasn't prepared to pay the prices charged by local cobblers. Anyway, although they are not designed for this purpose (the tube is shorter than ideal), I did manage to replace 8 missing eyelets after a few failures. Easy to use and a good clean finish.
Zelda Reply to on 15 January 2016
This product is fantastic. I dropped a star due to poor instructions on the packet. I had to look on you tube to get an idea of how to use this. I would suggest you practise on a scrap bit of fabric before using on the finished garment. I used it on a lined waistcoat I had made (medium weight cotton and lining). Secured both fabrics well with no sharp bits.
Cookie Reply to on 8 May 2017
I have bought these before, they can be a bit tricky to use at first but once you get the hang of it they are good.
Make sure you get the parts the right way round and keep it vertical when hammering them together.
Andromeda's Twin
Andromeda's Twin Reply to on 28 January 2017
Brilliant eyelet set although I have no idea how they are supposed to work without eyelet pliers, I can state that they work much better (100% as intended) than cheaper versions available on here, when used with eyelet pliers.
IDZI Reply to on 22 October 2016
Good product! Minus for the poor instructions on the back and also for having changed the old puncher with the new one which is so bad, it is not as efficient as the old one (practically is a metal bar that you are supposed to hold while hammering) ...
Rose Reply to on 18 May 2018
First time I've used these eyelets. They gave a beautiful touch in my bags.
Mihail Ica
Mihail Ica Reply to on 22 April 2018
Exactly what I needed to fix my converse. Easy and quick to use with full instructions on the back of the package.
Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 17 May 2018
Just what i needed to do some alterations on my tarp.
B Smith
B Smith Reply to on 8 April 2016
The instructions for these are terrible and confusing. I am yet to find a youtube video that explains it thoroughly but when you have to rely on youtube clearly something is going wrong somewhere. Nice colour.
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