Carsblog Formal Mens Shoe Handmade Leather Soled Oxford Lace-up, Goodyear Welted in Black, Brown, Tan, Oxblood & Suede (Black, 9.5):Carsblog
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Formal Mens Shoe Handmade Leather Soled Oxford Lace-up, Goodyear Welted in Black, Brown, Tan, Oxblood & Suede (Black, 9.5):Carsblog

Samuel Windsor
Samuel Windsor Published in October 23, 2018, 7:15 pm
 Formal Mens Shoe Handmade Leather Soled Oxford Lace-up, Goodyear Welted in Black, Brown, Tan, Oxblood & Suede (Black, 9.5):Carsblog

Formal Mens Shoe Handmade Leather Soled Oxford Lace-up, Goodyear Welted in Black, Brown, Tan, Oxblood & Suede (Black, 9.5):Carsblog

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Craig Phipps
Craig Phipps Reply to on 3 October 2017
I have got to say I am impressed. I need smart shoes for work and have been paying c£120 for shoes from Jones' each year for many years and felt that the quality had been slowly eroding over time (I have a pair from over 10 years ago that I used when I was married which were an excellent pair of shoes and the more recent shoes Ive bought are no where near the same quality [thinner, poorer quality leather]). I thought it about time to see if there were a less expensive but quality pair of shoes on the market and found Samuel Windsor. Although the reviews had been quite good I was uncertain as to what I would receive in terms of quality of product - I have to say that if anything I believe the quality of Samuel Windsor's shoes is probably better than most shoes Ive had in recent times and are certainly a bargain for the "all in" delivered price of £43 (less than half the price of the same shoe from Jones). I have had them for a couple of weeks and seem to be settling in very nicely. I can only highly recommend Samuel Windsor - to the point I thinking of buying another pair.
Louis Reply to on 22 June 2017
I received an email asking for a review and here it is. I have never had such unbelievable pain from wearing a pair of shoes. Having said that, after 3 weeks or blister plasters and wearing alternative shoes into work, they now are ok. Still, not shoes I would ever consider buying again due to the breaking in phase.

Edit: now, 2 months after buying them, there are jokes in the some of the shoe letting in water. Absolutely awful quality.
Philip R.
Philip R. Reply to on 29 January 2017
Only bought these recently for work as the old ones started to take in water. When the box arrived it was clear that these where good quality shoes!

Perfectly wrapped with a shoe horn, spare laces and a cover letter included inside, these where comparable to previous £100 shoes.
The leather sole and upper are firm yet not pinching, the inners are soft and padded. Comfortable to wear and smart looking I would recommend these to anyone looking a smart affordable work shoe.
Tim C
Tim C Reply to on 1 June 2018
First time I've bought a pair of shoes off the internet, so was slightly concerned and also about the problems people have breaking them in. Can report for me it was all good, they are stiff, but no more than any decent shows I've had in the past - just don't start by wearing them for a 10 hour day marching around on the first day- I took some soft shoes for my commute, but actually didn't need them (I'm somewhat desk bound at work).
Mrs F Matthews
Mrs F Matthews Reply to on 1 February 2017
I had exceptional customer care from Samuel Windsor. The original shoes I ordered were too big but I felt I could not return them as my son tried them on a hard surface and marked the soles. I left a comment on Amazon and was contacted by the company who organised to exchange for the right size to be sent.
The shoes are well made and sturdy and manage to make even my scruffy teenager look smart! They are good value for the quality. I will be using Samuel Windsor again when buying school shoes.
setinstone Reply to on 7 August 2018
I bought these for my husband who didn't think he needed Oxblood shoes, even though I assured him he did! He now LOVES them. They look really nice, fit him really well and he's walked all over London in them, so I know they're comfortable. They are well made and look really sharp! I think every man might need these shoes!
michal Reply to on 30 April 2018
Tremendous quality to price ratio. I accepted the fact that they will need to be broken in. Just hope I survive it, as they feel as if made of steel at first.

(UPDATE) After one week, I have not had any problems wearing these. They are very stiff, so walking in them gets some getting used to, but I have not had any blisters or pains.
JB Reply to on 26 October 2017
Nice bright & shiny, a little stiff. Decent quality especially for the money paid. I found them a little narrow & squeezing my foot/ toes. 1st day wearing was uncomfortable, just short of blisters after day in office. They are improving & I will persist with them. I fitted rubber sole to prevent rapid wear which I always experience.
Denise Hooper
Denise Hooper Reply to on 10 February 2018
Excellent quality , good looking shoe brought for a wedding they will look fantastic. Very comfortable, stylish and size accurate. Delivered before expected delivery date , well package, came with free shoe horn and spare laces.Delighted with product and service thank you.
Tezz Reply to on 9 August 2017
These are fantastic real leather shoes. Well made and fit great.
Leather soles and hard wear leather upper. Yes you may have to break them in, but it's sure sign of hard wearing leather.

At the price point I will be buying more from them. Thank you.
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