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Elmore Leonard
Elmore Leonard Published in September 22, 2018, 9:35 pm


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Chunky Monkey
Chunky Monkey Reply to on 15 October 2016
Glitz tells the story of detective Vincent Mora who having been shot coming home from grocery shopping, finds himself convalescing in Puerto Rico. There he meets a woman who leads him to cross paths again with a Teddy Magyk. A very nasty piece of work.
It is classical Leonard. Tight story, stripped back dialogue and world-weary heroes. And very bad baddies. Nobody writes like this man. Genius.
Ed Reply to on 26 April 2017
Good service and book exactly as described.
D J B Reply to on 17 August 2016
Anthony comer
Anthony comer Reply to on 6 November 2015
No tequested txt
Dr. R. N. Dickson
Dr. R. N. Dickson Reply to on 24 August 2016
great book, perfect holiday read..
John Grimes
John Grimes Reply to on 18 August 2014
Elmore Leonard at the top of his game - can't wait to see the movie (if they make one). Quentin Tarantino are you watching ?
AA McNie
AA McNie Reply to on 7 September 2013
I'm really enjoying the story - my first Elmore Leonard. However I've got just about half way through and the story has jumped and it feels like a page or two is missing. This is also my first ebook, so this is a bit disappointing. I don't want to go on because I know I'm losing part of the story, but i want to finish the book because his writing is amazing.
Dennis Jeffries
Dennis Jeffries Reply to on 24 August 2014
All of Elmore Leonard's books are first class
Donal Reply to on 25 April 2016
Not the best from the author but it is still an enjoyable book.
Alfred J. Kwak
Alfred J. Kwak Reply to on 14 May 2010
Miami Beach police lieutenant Vincent Mora(VM), a widower aged 41, is suddenly challenged when loaded with groceries, a nervous junkie pulls a gun on him, wanting his wallet. He tries to stall and bluff his way out, but the junkie shoots him. Lying on the pavement, VM puts three bullets through the fleeing robber.
On his back waiting for the ambulance, in weeks in bed in hospital, and on the beach of Puerto Rico, where he recovers from his injury, VM replays the scene of the robbery again and again. And wonders, did I handle this OK, am I past it, shouldn't I retire on three-quarters of my salary, and relax here in PR and do something else?
VM might still be pondering the question today, regretting the departure of his young and beautiful, dumb and ambitious hooker girlfriend Iris Ruiz to Atlantic City, where she is promised a job as a hostess in a casino, if the past had not caught up with him in the form of Teddy...
Repeat offender Teddy Magyk (TM) has been released after serving seven out of a 10-20 years sentence for aggravated rape. VM was the police officer who collared him for his last offence and Teddy, in prison jargon a "snake", now methodically moves closer and closer to VM and Iris. He wants to get even and tempts VM to respond, hoping for a final confrontation. The still recovering VM is gradually being forced to adjust his priorities, esp. when Iris' career in Atlantic City turns out to be short-lived. Brutally so.
This is a vintage Elmore Leonard novel and Vincent and Teddy are vintage Leonard creations. His novels are series of dialogues shored up by perspectives on anything and everything from the protagonists' minds. No interference from the author at all, except for the plot sketching the road the characters follow towards the inevitable showdown. Otherwise, great atmosphere and a book that reads like watching a film. "Glitz" was made into a film starring Jimmy Smits, who played police parts in a number of series made for television. One of his best.
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