Carsblog Flocked Single Air Bed with Built in Pump:Carsblog
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Flocked Single Air Bed with Built in Pump:Carsblog

Bestway Published in September 22, 2018, 9:34 pm
 Flocked Single Air Bed with Built in Pump:Carsblog

Flocked Single Air Bed with Built in Pump:Carsblog

Price:£17.95+ Free shipping with Decencia-saeru-review Prime

Amazon Customer
Amazon Customer Reply to on 2 March 2017
No built in pump Had to blow up with hairdryer on cold air!
Maggie Reply to on 25 September 2010
If your looking for an airbed that is simple and easy to inflate then this is NOT the airbed for you.
Jennie Reply to on 25 June 2012
This is a terrible product, a complete waste of my money, takes ages to inflate and doesn't stay inflated for more that a few hours, it was totally flat by the early hours of the morning from being inflated a few hours previously. It's now in the rubbish bin!
Stephen Coleby
Stephen Coleby Reply to on 26 December 2007
Dont buy it. This air bed is impossible to inflate. It is supposed to come with a built in pump. In fact, the pump consists of a hole on the bottom. I dont think any normal person can inflate the bed as suggested in the notes that come with the bed. The air hole is too big for standard british air pumps of the sort you can get at halfords or millets.
M. Grant
M. Grant Reply to on 9 April 2008
I bought this airbed - I thought it was fab. Of course there is a hole in the bottom - you have to plug it before you use the inbuilt pump, then it inflated really easily ( important to read the instructions first). I found it very comfortable to sleep and very good value.
lifecsb Reply to on 15 October 2010
Prompt delivery and the bed was as advertised. the built in pump works well and was easy to deflaite after use.
S. Graville
S. Graville Reply to on 18 July 2009
What a waste of money, it won't inflate - not much use in an air bed! I've complained and asked for a replacement, so if a better one turns up, I'll write a better review. As it stands, don't waste your money.
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