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Catrin Finch, Seckou Keita
Catrin Finch, Seckou Keita Published in September 22, 2018, 9:35 pm
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Nigel Allinson
Nigel Allinson Reply to on 21 July 2014
I think it is unusual for a classically trained musician to play folk or “ethnic” music with passion and conviction. The only other collaboration involving the kora and a traditional “Western” instrument I have listened to is that between Ballake Sissoko (kora) and Vincent Segal (cello). While their album Chamber Music is interesting and enjoyable, I find Clychau Dibon utterly captivating. The rhythmical repetitions and slow, ornamented melodies are hypnotically absorbing.

This music can be put on as relaxing sonic wallpaper, but that does not do it justice. I had the good fortune to see these two great musicians perform live at Folk By The Oak yesterday. Many, many people came down to the stage and stood in motionless and captivated silence as they watched the interplay and listened to waves of pure music. This is joyful music, yet it can be as demanding as you want it to be, depending on how deeply you let yourself be lost inside it.

Buy. Now!
Howard W
Howard W Reply to on 2 March 2014
If you like traditional welsh folk harp music in the Catrin Finch style and the sound of the kora (African plucked string instrument) played by Seckou Keita you will love this CD. What makes this special is how Catrin and Seckou have assimilated each others musical tradition to produce a unique musical sound.
R. Fearnehough
R. Fearnehough Reply to on 17 October 2013
Two people from different old races of people, meet and jam on, "ancient instruments".
They move from Welsh folk tunes to Senegalese tunes with ease and beauty.
Some are tunes from the 1600s Robert ap Huw manuscript, the African kora is believed to have been around since the 1500s and tunes have been handed down from Father to Son for generations
A brlliant album.
Buy it and relax to it, be moved.
somewhere in England
somewhere in England Reply to on 11 April 2015
Music to listen to and enjoy.
I regularly listen to live kora music and love harp music, especially the Welsh form. This CD is a crossover between the Welsh harp tradition and the African kora tradition- the two instruments are not too far apart. The two players here enjoyed themselves and each others music and what appears to be several tracks of jamming work very well, some tracks more kora based and some more harp based.

This is not really background music, you need to sit and let it wash over you and just enjoy it.
RedcarJohn Reply to on 11 May 2014
The blend of instruments and the complexity and subtlety of the playing are simply staggering. Although it could be used as pleasant background music, it deserves attentive listening in order to fully appreciate the magic and beauty of this unusual pairing. Hard to believe that anyone would not be delighted with this album!
archer Reply to on 7 March 2018
Wonderfully relaxing melodius disc. Been playing it almost all the time in the car, will be getting more of these two
J.K. Reply to on 18 September 2015
This was recommended to me by a friend. I loved it so much I recommended it to a friend, and she has now bought a copy for a friend of hers ... says it all. Try and watch the utube clip too, the passion they show for their music is priceless.
C. P. Healy
C. P. Healy Reply to on 30 November 2013
The liner notes quite rightly make the point that this is not a "relaxation tape". I find the interplay between the two instruments so exciting that I find I can't relax at all while listening - but in a good way! One of the best musical "fusions" I think I've ever come across. Beautiful!
Gareth J
Gareth J Reply to on 21 July 2014
This is an extraordinary collaboration - unlikely perhaps on the face of it but the mutual respect and love for their music and their cultures that they share shines through. It is quite simply beautiful and made me smile right from the beginning with its lyrical beauty and rhythm.

As others have commented, this is not background elevator music - it has tremendous, toe-tapping energy as well as dazzling musicianship. Great stuff.
Monique Reply to on 26 October 2014
This played repeatedly in our home and requested by friends when they visit. This is like a good meditation session. The blend of these two diverse people is amazing. I've seen them perform several times so can visualise the performance as I listen at home. Can't wait for them to do more after they pursue individual pursuits next year
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