Carsblog 5starwarehouse® Refillable Perfume Atomiser Atomizer Aftershave Travel Spray Miniature Bottle 6ml (Black):Carsblog
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5starwarehouse® Refillable Perfume Atomiser Atomizer Aftershave Travel Spray Miniature Bottle 6ml (Black):Carsblog

5starwarehouse Published in September 22, 2018, 9:35 pm
 5starwarehouse® Refillable Perfume Atomiser Atomizer Aftershave Travel Spray Miniature Bottle 6ml (Black):Carsblog

5starwarehouse® Refillable Perfume Atomiser Atomizer Aftershave Travel Spray Miniature Bottle 6ml (Black):Carsblog

Price:£2.75+ Free shipping

John Phillips
John Phillips Reply to on 31 December 2016
Having just binned one make as the metal was far too thin and dented if you only looked at it, maybe a slight exaggeration but not that much of one :), it is a pleasure to get one that is solidly built yet has an excellent quality look and feel about it. The top and bottom are a push fit but an excellent tight fit and with the nylon type inner layer on top and bottom outer it is unlikely to loosen with use.

It can be a bit fiddly if filling from another atomiser if you can't remove the top of the source bottle to expose its opening so have to spray into this bottle, though using a small funnel as a guide for the spray should help.
Rubyred Reply to on 30 April 2018
I was looking for an atomiser to take my perfumes on holiday without taking the full bottle. If I'd read the product details properly I would have realised that this isn't big enough to take the quantity I had in mind. However, this little atomiser is great for taking out in the evening without having to take a heavy bottle. It's easy to fill and the top fits snugly without any leaks. I did wish that I'd bought a colour other than black as it looks like a lipstick, being about the same size. I intend to buy another in a different colour and another product that will hold a larger quantity.
S E Clarke
S E Clarke Reply to on 17 April 2018
Absolutely useless! Impossible to unscrew top on two atomisers. Wrote to ask for refund but company never responded. Waste of time and cash..
Karolina R
Karolina R Reply to on 11 June 2017
As it is shipped from China it came quite quickly, so that was a surprise.
Product in itself is what I needed. Outer shell comes off easily. Filling it is very easy, unscrew the top part, use little funnel and pour the perfume in. Screw the top on and put the container into outer shell close and it is done.
Colour is nice and it looks and feels very sturdy.
p.p.gregory Reply to on 24 January 2017
Arrived quickly but does not work. I ordered two before and the quality of the case was good. One stopped working hence the order of the third. Have emailed the seller twice but had no response.
lindyloub88 Reply to on 15 August 2017
Perfect and neat to carry in any sized bag or pocket so you don't have to carry a heavy or chunky glass bottle round. Easy to fill and the contents lasts ages. I carry two in my handbag, a silver and a purple one, both with different perfumes in so I know which is which. Idea.
Jo Jo S.
Jo Jo S. Reply to on 23 October 2017
Ordered this for my Boyfriend to decant aftershave into in the black colour. Arrived quickly. Quality is excellent....perfect size for ladies handbags and travel also. Super happy!
Marta T.
Marta T. Reply to on 29 December 2015
Love it. I use Acqua do Parma perfumes and hate the fact that these are difficult to carry when traveling abroad. This is an absolute must. I carry it in my bag on a daily basis and travelled overseas with it three times over the last month and it did not even scratch. It does not even leak in planes, which is an ultimate test for me, as two similar products I have owned did. A great buy for this amount!
Ahmed Reply to on 5 May 2017
Used this to keep a fragrance that I bought in a decanter. Haven't travelled with it but it is really great quality. If I lost this I'd buy another without question.
smergull Reply to on 28 March 2017
Superb as a man may seem strange but when I'm out and about I can keep my after topped up which turns the ladies heads and my after shave last a hell of a lot longer
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