Carsblog 5 Star Foldback Clips 19mm Assorted [Pack of 12]:Carsblog
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5 Star Foldback Clips 19mm Assorted [Pack of 12]:Carsblog

5 Star
5 Star Published in October 15, 2018, 1:59 pm
 5 Star Foldback Clips 19mm Assorted [Pack of 12]:Carsblog

5 Star Foldback Clips 19mm Assorted [Pack of 12]:Carsblog

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Martin Turner
Martin Turner Reply to on 20 October 2011
Coming in a 6cm diameter plastic pot, this is an attractive set of twelve mini-bulldog clips in five colours. They are the fold-down type, and are exactly big enough for the first forty pages of a manuscript, and therefore ideal (if that's what you want to do) for sending sample chapters to an agent or publisher. The colours are strong primaries, and will add a nice touch to presenting any loose collections of papers which are too big for a staple and where an industrial-grade paper clip would give the wrong impression.

If the exact colours are important to you, then they are approximately Pantone 7548 C (yellow), Pantone 1807 C (red), Pantone 293 C (blue) and Pantone 3278 C (green) -- or at least they were in my set, which is not the same as in the product photo.

Nice for what they are, and ideal if this is what you need.
Danny P
Danny P Reply to on 3 June 2013
Nice and small. Perfect for clipping all sorts of things together. I use them unconventionally for holding packets of rice together but they're strong enough for anything you want to use them for.
LE Reply to on 19 July 2013
i got the 19mm ones! they are good they can hold around 20 sheets of normal A4 paper easily, but if you need to hold more i would advise you to buy a larger size - obviously.
Frank Wild
Frank Wild Reply to on 5 March 2015
Colourful, sturdy and useful clips .. I use them for keeping open food packages sealed.. bit small for some bigger bags but great for anything up to 100g
William Morgan
William Morgan Reply to on 2 June 2016
Very good for use with toothpaste tubes. Okay for paper too :-)
AJH Reply to on 29 July 2013
Nothing to dislike about this quality product. Work as they should and the colours are bright and distinct - all for a bargain price.
Kevin Reply to on 9 December 2016
Good product
Shanter Reply to on 16 April 2016
Excellent for organising loose papers without protruding.
suzyq Reply to on 14 March 2013
these little clips are great fun and really useful. great for students to hold all kinds of paperwork together,nice & colourful,will brighten up coursework or piles of bills,receipts etc.
P.A. W.
P.A. W. Reply to on 4 September 2014
Very handy size, and just right for what we wanted them for. Arrived within time frame, and packaged well.WOULD buy again. A & P W
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